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   The Albuquerque Beekeepers' Association is proud to support these local beekeepers. As with any purchase, please complete all of your research and bee well informed prior to purchasing packages, nucs, and queens. The individuals listed below will be happy to answer any questions you may have.  

Desert Hives
Amy Owen

Desert Hives is committed to honey bee health. This is done through mentorship, education, mite testing, pollination services, hive reports, and advocacy. Honey bee health and the health of their environment is the priority of Desert Hives.
We offer hives tours, hive consultations (within a 100 mile radius of ABQ), mite testing and various educational programs. Having hives means Desert Hives also has hive products, including: honey, salve, beard balm, propolis toner spray, lip balm, candles, etc.
Desert Hives also provides a wide range of beekeeping supplies. We have both new and used Langstroth equipment (8 frame and 10 frame, medium and deep), TJ Carr style top bar hives, smokers, hive tools, mite treatments, protective gear, etc. Equipment is available and just a 10 min drive away from Tramway/Central in Tijeras, NM.
Desert Hives partners with Bernalillo County, Explora, Monte del Sol Charter School, and the New Mexico Beekeepers Association to provide various educational opportunities. Beekeeper and owner Amy Owen also worked with New Mexico State University to complete a honey bee research project that compared honey bee health and productivity in various hive types.
tel:(505) 750-1897
Please go to for more information.

ABeeQ Honey and Hives LLC

ABeeQ Honey and Hives LLC is a family-owned business dedicated to sustainable beekeeping and honey production. We are passionate about protecting bee populations and promoting environmental sustainability.

My wife and I began beekeeping a little over 10 years ago. Shortly after our first year, I realized that somehow the bees and I had connected on a very personal level. Over the last 10 years, we have grown to love all aspects of beekeeping in great part because of the endless opportunities to learn about bees from experts in the field, the layperson, novices, and even the bees themselves. To date we have 14 different bee apiaries that stretch from the Albuquerque Foothills to Los Lunas as well as Corrales and Placitas. Many are the traditional Langstroth style of hives in fields, backyards or on a rooftop in the Albuquerque Metro area.


ABeeQ Honey and Hives offers superior supplies, hometown service and of course advice is always free.  We have a passion for honeybees and beekeeping. Which means we are always focused on supplying beekeepers of all sizes with what they need to get started and continue successfully for years to come.

We offer a range of sustainable bee products and services to support local bee populations and promote environmental sustainability.

·         Swarm retrieval!

·         Re-locating Hives

·         Site survey and evaluation

·         Coaching Beekeepers

·         Honey Extraction

·         Extractor Rental

·         Hive Beattle evaluation & solutions!

·         Mite control and treatment

·         Clothing suits and gloves.

·         Hives, hive tools, and stands.

·         Smokers and smoker fuel

And of course, delicious honey!

 We strongly believe that it is our privilege to serve the beekeeping needs of New Mexico.  To this end, we strive to provide the best service and products at a reasonable price.


If you have a special need, just want to learn more about AbeeQ Honey and Hives or would like to see us offer a new item please let us know by Emailing us at, visiting our Website at or connecting with us via phone at: (505) 362-1582

Burley Bees

Burley Bees ABOUT US Burley Bees was founded in 2013 with the intention of sharing local honeybees and raw local honey with our Colorado & New Mexico friends and neighbors. Located in Canon City, Colorado, Burley Bees Apiary is home to more than 140 colonies that produce top-notch honeybees and Colorado wildflower honey. Owners Don and Wendy Hall, alongside their daughters Ashley and Macee, specialize in honeybee production, raw honey, bee care, natural bees wax products, and honeybee relocation. Burley Bees also offers classes in beginner and intermediate beekeeping, as well as assistance with inspections and treatments of fellow beekeepers colonies. 

 Along with honey and wax products, Burley Bees also sells five-frame nucleus colonies and 3lb package of live Colorado bees with Italian Queens. 

 We strive to produce a more naturally mite hygienic Burley Bee. In turn, these bees produce a top-quality Colorado honey.  It's our job to put bees and raw local honey in your hands!


 Please Visit our website: or 

Email us:  Burleybees719

 Warm regards, 

Don & Wendy Hall

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